Wednesday, 18 December 2013

A visitor with the best present

The weather wasn't up to great photographs so Adam (NB Briar Rose), who was meant to be doing a boat test, had an unexpectedly free day and choose to spend some of it with us - not only did he help out with a car hop, but he brought food. After lunch he got mugged by Daisy, whilst G preened himself for the inevitable photo.
This is the food he brought - home made sweet orange pastry. Seriously yummy
That got turned into these - not a lot left now!
So yesterday we cruised (we'd intended to move Monday) and what a glorious day. I've probably put too many pics up but when the sun is shining everything looks so gorgeous that you can't resist

Graham drove - the dogs and I walked

Filled the water and the diesel tanks
L-R is G, me with the camera, my up-side down steering stool, the VHF mast and a solar panel.
Pulled into Bugbrooke behind mates Debbie and Dave on NB Imeddit and just time for some playing and cuddling before a pint with the afore mentioned. Perfik!
It's not a bad life


  1. Yumm, the mince pies were lovely, thanks Jill (and Adam). Great to see you again and catch up. Happy Christmas love Kx

    1. You were very welcome and what a lovely surprise - G was so sorry he had to shoot off.
      Happy Christmas xxoo