Sunday, 8 December 2013

Warning to all inland water way dwellers

No - it's not another storm warning - just Dougie and James (NB Chance) coming back from their fab cruise. They have had a ball and will be suffering from serious social withdrawal symptoms so you have two choices; either batten down the hatches and hide behind the sofas recliners or (much better idea) whip out the duster, have a run round with the vacuum cleaner and prepare for some late nights.

Meanwhile we have been applying Small Ship Registration numbers 
Contemplating the most cost effective, but aesthetically pleasing, means of getting the MR name on our bow flares - not as simple as you might think because our flares 'flare' and with the long 'Matilda' being on the fat bit to starboard and skinny bit to port and the short 'Rose' being visa versa ...... (keep up at the back!).
The more observant amongst you might have wondered why this rope is running around the bow - well it seemed the simplest solution to the fact that our bottom canopy studs are easily caught on lock gates/walls. Not a fault of A J Canopies' design but ours, due to the inclusion of cat flaps and continuing them down so Daisy can get  round them from the bow to the gunwales without falling in - yeah; it's all about Daisy again. As I'm now known to do the odd flight of locks it stops me worrying about the canopy studs and takes the pressure of me.
3 new 30 meter ropes on the fore deck; one either side and an interlocking extra for the biggy locks and all new back fenders - ouch ouch ouch. Whoever said boating was a low cost living - oh well, we did get all that free wood on Friday.
We would have popped down to The New Inn at the top of the Buckby flight for a pint and supper, but they don't let dogs in - I really don't understand them as they have so many different areas. Surely they could hand over one of them to walkers and boaters with dogs - same old, same old, "we can't 'cause we do food" grrrr. This year we have come up the middle levels, the River Nene, down the Grand Union right through the centre of London and up the Thames to Lechlade before turning up the South Oxford. Many occasions, like Camden, we didn't take the dogs; only to find that they were allowed. On this whole trip this was THE FIRST TIME that they were refused entry - brilliant Britain; shame on you lock-side country pub.

So I've contented myself with wandering around the area in the extraordinarily beautiful golden light we have experienced over the last two days


  1. Definately get the vacuum out, we might be round soon! Had a fab time thanks for issuing the warning, will be back on board Chance soon! xx

    1. Welcome home!

  2. Hi Jill. How does the new rope arrangement work? Do you simply pull the appropriate rope (port or starboard) to keep the flaps clear as you negotiate hazards?

    Are they 2 separate ropes tied to the prow, or is it a continuous loop? If it is a continuous loop you could tie a message to the rope (such as "more coffee required at the helm") and keep pulling one side until the message dropped into the bow deck!

    The SSR number looks very neat, by the way. When are you going?

    Cheers, Alistair

    1. Alistair, sorry we haven't been able to get on the net. It's a continuous loop which you hook around your toes - twitch your left foot to go to port and your right to go to starboard