Thursday, 13 December 2012

A wintry River Lark - soo.. pretty

Donning a lot of layers, I headed off down the footpath alongside the River Lark
I think the dogs were fed up with me as I kept stopping to take photos
The River is very narrow at this end. 

In the open spaces the sun started to melt the ice on some of the reeds then, as the sun dropped, it froze again
Everywhere you looked was a perfect winter wonderland
Bottoms up!
To reach the village of  Worlington I had to go into the garden of this house and cross the footbridge. The owner was in the garden and held the gate for me whilst doffing his cap. I do love a 'doffer'.
The footbridge crosses over the weir - the reason why I couldn't kayak up the River (well that and a bit of cowardice)!

Worlington village - this lovely old building is empty and semi-derelict although the roof has been patched up with corrugated iron
The church looks like a Christmas card 
I was out for just over 2 hours and  more than ready for a pint and dinner by the time I returned


  1. Lovely photos Jill, great to be able to get out walking on days like this isn't it.

  2. Thank you. The walking is glorious and I'm not sinking in mud now the ground has frozen