Tuesday, 11 December 2012

A new regime. Old dogs and new tricks?

For 4 years prior to moving onto MR we lived on our caravan for 7 months of the year and then we've spent the last nearly 5 years on MR. Both of these homes have very limited floor space and we have, therefore, encouraged the dogs onto the furniture so that we can move around without tripping over them. Now, those of you I haven't managed to bore to death, will know that we've recently splashed quite a bit of money sprucing up MR and this is what was happening to new cushions, soft furnishings, etc (the actual new upholstery is under these stripey throws that G made up to give the new stuff some protection)
G also raised the fire which puts it at a lovely height for Daisy to toast her feet - right where everyone needs to put their feet/paws when coming in and out - it's a right pain, but I did say old dogs not old cats.
There's nothing Muttley likes more than to scoop up all the cushions together with his wack-wacks and teddy and then climb on top
The long and the short of it is that we're fed up of dogs leaving grubby trails across the chairs and dinette so we decided to banish them to the floor. We turned the stool upside down to protect the chair nearest the fire.
Mmm.......................that worked well then; Baxter does so love a chin rest
We turned our back for two minutes and they both climbed onto the other chair
but, with gentle encouragement and consistency, they have  adjusted to the new regime remarkably well.
To assist the consistency I have had to use the fly swat on Graham now and then but, considering Baxter has spent 9 years living on furniture and Muttley has spent all his life, I was amazed

I was, however, a little concerned about Baxter being chilly despite thick beds and sheepskins as he tends to feel the cold; so one additional purchase was required
 His new Aran
"I used to sleep up here, but now I,m not allowed"


  1. There is no way you are going to stop those two from jumping up on the furniture now!

    You cruel pair depriving them of what they love!

    We are still laughing at Baxter's photo.. maybe you should put a bit of padding on that stool so he doesn't hurt his head when resting!!!

  2. They are getting the message surprisingly quickly. Baxter has still been in his bed every morning after the first night - Muttley, however, has been in the armchair every morning when we get up! Deprived? Yeah, yeah. About as deprived as Meg and Penny

  3. Hi Jill
    Tiger would like to speak to you for some advice on how to get US to stop sitting on HER sofa...

    1. Hi Abby, I'm not sure it's in YOUR interests for me to share Daisy's techniques with Tiger.
      1. Position yourself in chair/sofa of choice
      2. Scowl heavily through slitted eyes at anyone who approaches.
      3. Hiss and spit a lot
      4. If this fails (which is rarely) extend paw with claws unsheathed
      5. If someone tries to remove you bodily; turn on your back so that you can savage approaching arms/paws/noses with all four sets of legs and claws.
      It works for Daisy Tiger!
      Happy Christmas guys