Tuesday, 3 January 2012

Vote for Captain Ahab AKA Andrew Tidy in th C&RT Election

I have prepared my "mini manifesto" but trying to say who I am, what I am and what I can bring to the party all in 150 words must represent a new sport - extreme precis! Captain Ahab aka Andy Tidy doing what he loves best! Well, having chopped and changed my statement for the last couple of weeks here it is: Andy Tidy, Author of website "Captain Ahab's Watery Tales" My passion for boating dates from the "dirty ditches" of the 1960's to the magnificent system of today. I have travelled widely on our narrowboat Wand'ring Bark, and it has been said that canal water flows through my veins!   Professionally, I oversee operational integrity within a multinational business, shaping policy, strategy and applying a commercial approach to planning. If elected I will approach this Council role as an enthusiast and a professional, combining 30 years of commercial experience with a 40 year passion for our waterways. It's crucial that the C&RT strikes the right balance between the needs of the various user groups, particularly the boaters who must remain core to its operation. I will take a critical view of commercial and strategic aspects of the Trust's proposals and plans.  I would be honoured to represent the boating community.  This little statement, and those like it from the other candidates, is all you get to chose who represents the boating community on the C&RT Council. Not a lot to go on is it? I have had a look at some of the other statements kicking around in the public domain and my distinguishing feature, my USP if you like, is that I am an enthusiast first and foremost. Whilst I don't currently sit on any canal related committees, I do get plenty of experience in that direction at work. However, I believe that the getting the strategy of C&RT right is absolutely essential, hence my desire form part of the C&RT's inaugural overseeing body. I guess that this is the official start of my campaign, not that it will be quite like the Presidential Primaries in the USA!. If I am to represent the ordinary boater I will need votes from boating community, which is where you come in. I would like to say an enormous thank you to all those who offered or actually did fill in the Sponsor forms to allow me to enter the election. The papers have been collated and sent to Watford. If, having read this, you would consider supporting me can I ask you to spread the word by e-mail, facebook or text or however please? With few boats moving at this time of year communicating with other boaters is difficult, so using personal recommendations and pointing 'floating boaters' in the direction of my blog and my name on the ballot paper would be a great help. Oh - one small thing to bear in mind. Most people know me a Captain Ahab and I frequently hear cries of Aye Aye Captian from the towpath, but Capt Ahab won't be appearing on the ballot paper. If you want to vote for me when polling opens on the 8th February, you will need to look for me under my real name: Andrew (or Andy) Tidy. 

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