Friday, 6 January 2012

I found this quite funny

On my last walk with the dogs before leaving I came across the River Tove ...I don't know if the pronounciation is as in love or as in stove

Nothing residential here then
Look at these poor old girls

Lovely spot


  1. The River Tove is private water, BW,s patch ends one boat length in from the canal, and then only on the north side of the river. This we know 'cause that was our home for 3 years. It is a beautiful spot and we loved mooring there, quite expensive council tax payable as they are official ressi. moorings. Had good neighbours (all teatotal and hated BBQ's) he lies!!


    NB Enchantress

    PS As in stove

  2. Hi, it is lovely; I just came across it by chance. I think the road noise might drive me crackers though.Best wishes