Thursday, 26 January 2012

Beefur birds and Beefur bowls

Way back before Xmas when we were travelling with Beefur boat; they used to put up bird feeders as soon as they moored for the day. This was something I'd wanted to do but, due to being constantly on the move, thought it would be pointless. Sue, however, said that it only took 30 minutes or so to attract customers so we moored up and gave it a whirl and hung up two feeders with peanuts and fat balls respectively.
I spent all morning watching the blue tits, great tits and a robin and did pretty much nothing else.
Then I discovered that the world indoor bowls was being televised every afternoon this week (G and I played A LOT of bowls before we moved onto MR), so that's set the scene for Mon - Weds this week; bird watching in the morning and bowls watching in the afternoon...lazy buggers.
 I know the picture is lousy, but they just won't stand still!

So, enough of all this laziness, today we needed to move down through 5 locks to service the boat - except the pound two locks down was empty! We've started to fill it in the pics below

 Plenty of water in the pound above - in fact it's overflowing the bank by the lock
 The paddles are opened on the bottom gate to refill the pound
By the time we reached the service point we were running out of daylight, so we completed the service and moored nearby just as it started to rain. No time to put up the bird feeders and the bowls has finished for the day - it's a hard life!


  1. Hi still at SB I see, re water levels, when we lived there water levels were checked every day at 7am and set as required, supervisor lived on site. Then technology took over and automatic sensors installed, monitored from Hatton, things were never the same after that, we at the bottom lock moorings were on the bottom regularly (and thats a 6 mile pound), hey ho thats progress.



    NB Enchantress

  2. Hi Paul and Jean, Just returned to SB as they've delayed the closures here until the 6th Feb (originally today) so G thought he'd nip back for a decent pint at the boat and possibly go down a bit to Cosgrove. One of the boaters on your old mooring said that pound is frequently empty!! xx

  3. Hi both. Great to see you on the move again. Hope you got things sorted with your Mum, Jill. See you soon on the Fens.
    Pip & Roger xxx

  4. Hi guys - the mum situ will be ongoing I'm afraid. It's going to be quite a big party on the Fens!!!