Tuesday, 10 January 2012

Today I staked out Mum's GP surgery

 I probably shouldn't be blogging this; 'dear diary' should probably be limited to teenage angst, but when you are stuck in this surreal universe and absolutely powerless you, perhaps, say things you shouldn't.
I had chilled and decided that I had to leave everything until tomorrow-resigned, given up. Then they cancelled the appointment and gave me another appointment with someone else on Thursday!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I think it is unlikely I will  have another stroke, because this is the point where I would have had it.
I took myself down to the GPs surgery and very calmly explained that I had a book, my reading glasses and a sleeping bag and that I was going nowhere until someone spoke to me....it took a couple of hours but head honcho spoke to me - really nicely, he didn't know everything but he told me what he knew.
Not a lot to ask; is it?


  1. Glad you got someone to talk to, but it all makes me so cross - "patient-centred care" - since when did patients vote to be treated this way...

    Take care of yourself too - you don't want to be ill in that system as well!

    Sue, nb Indigo Dream

  2. Bless you Sue, I need to stroke a houndie or two I think. I wonder if the local rescue might let me do a bit of dog walking. Can't see me getting home anytime soon

  3. Well done Jill.
    I'll give you a call Wednesday
    X Lesley