Tuesday, 15 November 2011

Wormleighton to Cropredy

Hadn't long set off when we spotted the Bicester Hunt – approve or disapprove it’s lovely to see everyone out and it is very much part of our heritage. Mmmmm...... I’m aware that I’m beginning to sound very patriotic recently.                       OK, I can live with that.
11-11-08 1029_DSCN3880

11-11-08 1030_DSCN3881
This is Wormleighton reservoir (hounds to the far side) but there is VERY little water left. The canal level is OK though
11-11-08 1031_DSCN3884

11-11-08 1032_DSCN3887

11-11-08 1035_DSCN3890

11-11-08 1037_DSCN3892
Stopped for a long chat with this guy, I used to hunt with his Dad many years ago
11-11-08 1039_DSCN3894
Claydon top lock. I love this flight, it’s so pretty and so remote
11-11-08 1041_DSCN3896

11-11-08 1045_DSCN3900
Fenny Compton Inn now has a shop and sells eggs at £2.00 per 1/2 dozen – I queried the price and was told that they were local free range. When I commented that they should be cheaper due to reduced transport costs he wasn’t particularly amused. They also sell herbs and spices within the pub as a separate franchise with an honesty box. These were VERY good value for money.
11-11-08 1042_DSCN3897
Clattercot wharf
11-11-08 1047_DSCN3903
and into Cropredy – The Red Lion has closed down until further notice!
11-11-08 1048_DSCN3906
The Brasenose wants £3.70 for a pint of Broadside!!!!!!! Cheaper ales are on offer (but not a lot). Definitely, ‘down South’ now. Ouch.
11-11-08 1050_DSCN3908
Every time we come to Cropredy I lose G. Last time was to Dougie and James, then on NB Spirit, now on NB Chance. This time I lost him to  Penny on NB Campanula. He disappeared off muttering about showing her how to do electrical equalisation checks – makes a change from etchings!
11-11-09 1051_DSCN3909
Chirruped for Daisy in the morning when ready to leave and a puddy tat voice answered me – not Daisy, but Rosie, she was soooo affectionate. That made 3 boats in a line with puddy tats on board.


  1. Feline company is not going to please Daisy, have you moved yet or has she got to get stroppy....what am I saying, stroppy is her default position anyway!

    Ps. If we come across to see you we will bring our own beer...£3.70, ye gods..

  2. What happens to Graham in Cropredy? It seems to be the only place he does this.... I guess you have him back again now.... Enjoying the blog now we are back on land! Keep it up... See you soon. Doug x

  3. Can't say I'm surprised about the Red Lion - see http://nb-windsong.blogspot.com/2011/07/red-lion-on-its-last-legs.html from 24th July this year - pity, I always liked the Red Lion.
    Pip & Rog xxx

  4. I agree, the hunt is a lovely site, whether you approve or not. Brasenose was expensive when we were there in July, when the Red Lion was open but in disarray!

  5. Guinness is £4 a pint in the Brasenose!!!

  6. Pppssssssstt you are going the wrong way!

  7. Lesley, you are way too hard on Daisy. She's only smacked 3 dogs and nipped 2 joggers these last 3 days1 No need to bring your own beer we moved on the next day. Heading into Oxford today (Wednesday)

  8. Doug and James, there seems to be something about Graham in Cropredy that makes him come over all unnecessary - this time it was probably the shock of the beer prices! Yeah; he came back.

  9. Pip, Roger, Ali and John. From all accounts July seems to be the time the Red Lion fell to bits. We always preferred it and, in fact, had a very bad experience in the Brasenose 2 years ago. Not sure how the festival will cope on one pub!

  10. Maffi, at Shipton now. Will be coming back up to Heyford for 24th Nov and then towards Gayton Junction. Who is going the 'wrong' way though - you or us!?