Monday, 7 November 2011

We missed the 'boggle' of bloggers in Braunston

What is a good collective noun for a collection of bloggers and how many do you need to qualify? Anyway, we seem to have missed most of them by a week.
 Is this ever going to come out of the water - can anyone tell us the story?
 Doesn't matter how many times you come this way, you have to take one pic
 One blogger still remains- NB Piston Broke. A quick hello with Paul
 Our first port of call was to recover our mail from the post office - Sally (keeper of our post) had mustered what she could in the way of official documents. No matter how many times we hire a car from Enterprise, we  still have to go through this business of documents with the same address as your driving licence dated within 3 months. We endeavour to make everything as paperless as possible but, when we try to print off  'phone bills etc, the address doesn't show. In fairness, they rarely glance at the paperwork but it only takes one 'jobsworth' and you are stuffed.

Looking back down towards the marina from the village

 Lookee who we have here - Greygals new(ish) acquisition. Here to have some work done
 Poor little NB Henry H, will he ever come out to play now Greygal and Andy have homed their 8th hound - they'll never all fit on at once!
 It's still very busy round here, plus the hire boats are back at home after the half term holidays. I expect everyone, like us, is scuttling about trying to be in the right place before various stoppages.

 This time we found not only the boat but also the skipper - Brian and his dog ghost were at home on NB Kyle, so we were able to meet up Wednesday evening before my skirmish with the medical profession in Derby on Thursday.

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