Wednesday, 9 November 2011

Derby to Napton (now that would be impressive)!

We had to hire a car on Thursday for my check up with the consultant at Derby hospital and, to be honest, it was a complete waste of time (theirs and ours) and money (ours). They don't know what caused the TIA, they don't know if I'll ever have another one and they didn't carry out any further tests. Dismissed to GP. We could easily have conducted the conversation by 'phone.
We diverted to Grantham afterwards and made a surprise visit to see G's mum which, at least, made the car hire worthwhile. We returned the car Friday and hot footed it out to Napton to meet up with Beefur again and for a pint at The Folly. We moored up above the first lock and Sue and Dave walked down Saturday morning to lock us up to join Beefur before continuing in convoy.
 Walking the Napton flight there were many places where I struggled to keep my feet due to carpets of Crab Apples it was like trying to walk on ball bearings
 We moored at Wormleighton in time for Nemo (pictured below) and Daisy to make the most of dusk to go mousing
 Beautiful evening


  1. know how these things go. Some are more restrained than others!