Sunday, 6 November 2011

Autumn Colours in black and white

With a day to spare before going into Braunston we set off for a circular walk around Flecknoe. 
 The village is really pretty but the approaches along the footpaths from the canal (bridges 101 and 103) are pretty hard going as some sections have been ploughed up.

 There is one pub in the village called the 'Old Olive Bush'. The adverts along the canal say that they are closed Monday and Tuesday lunchtimes. It being a Tuesday, we had no expectations but, be warned, the sign on the pub says that they are closed Monday-Thursday lunchtimes. At least it's still surviving.

 Flecknoe is on a hill and, below us, you can see the Grand Union Canal winding around in an, otherwise, fairly straight stretch as it continues towards Braunston Turn.

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