Sunday, 28 March 2010

We now have a wireless free internet boat

Now to all you techies out there, that probably means all sorts of complicated clever things. To me, however, it means I can sit at the dining room table (OK dinette, but I'm feeling a bit posh after an excellent Sunday lunch at the Five Bells) and type this blog, instead of scrunched up in an armchair with an over stuffed belly.
I've thoroughly enjoyed the village of Bugbrooke, apart from all the brownstone the area is networked with footpaths, streams and very friendly people.
We are off in the morning to pastures new - the village of Blisworth and a couple of nights in Stoke Bruerne. Lots to see and do and loving this warm, spring sunshine. Do I sound a bit smug? ah, that'll be the Yorkshire pud then - or was it the Belgian chocolate bombe?


  1. Hi Jill - we have been thinking about going wireless - we have two dongles, a '3' one and a T mobile, but are getting fed up with fighting over who has the one that works at any given location - we both have laptops-.What are you using and will it work on just one network or can you change?
    Pip & Rog

  2. Hi Pip and Roger, The router I am using is a Zoom wireless-N travel router, If you go to and check their pages you will find out if your dongles are supported, I use a 3 dongle Hauwai E160 and that works a treat, it is an 802.11n router but works with 802.11b/g. it even improves the signal. Cheapest I found was amazon at £54. It has a three hour battery life but also works when on charge. the unit is about 4"X2.5"X0.75". I have it sited at the back of the boat some 40ft away from where we sit with the laptop. hope that gives you food for thought. Oh and Jill just reminded me, you can have - I think - up to 250 laptops working it but I think usage would soon cause a problem.
    Graham and Jill