Friday, 5 March 2010

Left Braunston again to meet up with Gosty Hill

Woke on Tuesday morning to ice on the cut (that makes a change) and quite thick fog, but the sun soon burnt through and we winded in the marina entrance and tied up for a quick planning meeting with Lesley before heading off out of Braunston to make sure we met up with Gosty Hill for coal and diesel. Ian and Ali were as good natured and entertaining as ever. We couldn't work out when we'd last seen them - it's been ages since we were last on their patch.
Again, it was the sort of weather that you just had to be out in with camera in hand.

Wednesday not such a good day, weather wise, but turned out rather special as G took on my routine duties so that I could, finally, get my paints out. That, of course, was not as simple as it sounds as we spent at least 2 hours pulling the boat to bits looking for various component parts. Still haven't found what we were looking for but we did find the 2 o/s peak district maps that we couldn't find when we were up there last August (and a hell of a lot of stuff we don't need - we really must do some off loading). Anyway, I knocked off the first full picture since we moved on board and jolly nice it was too - not the picture, but the doing of it.

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