Saturday, 6 March 2010

Good old clear out.

Daisy decided to join me and do some painting but just couldn't decide which brush to choose - besides, she knows she is more beautiful than any picture.

Spent the rest of Thursday out in the sunshine for as long as possible, before having to go back in to do indoor chores. Look at the state of this poor bridge.
There are no tracks or footpaths over it, nor any obvious sign that the farmer uses it. What will happen to it and how does the funding work?Do farmers maintain or make a contribution where they require access?
Spent a good hour splitting wood in the sun; trying to stack it as high as possible to save my back. As fast as I chopped it, one of the dogs would run off with it, only to be set upon by the other one. So, after I'd finished, I had to run up the towpath to retrieve my scattered logs.
Worried that we were about to get iced in again we decided to wind and return to Braunston to service the boat. All the way in I continued to take the boat to bits, looking for my missing art stuff - didn't find it but did clear out a lot of things we didn't need, but by the time we moored up behind Caxton the boat looked like this!!
Joe soon returned from storing the caravan so we decided to stay the night and go to the Weatsheaf for Chinese food. The pub is cold and tatty but the Chinese takeaway operates out of the kitchen and will serve you a meal in the pub - this is first class Chinese food at terrific prices.

This morning Lesley set off to see her mum and the fellers drove the boats back out into the country. I, in loco parentis, set off with the four dogs. Floyd & Fletcher were as good as gold although, initially, Floyd gazed wistfully at Caxton in the hope that Lesley might suddenly reappear - he's such a mummy's boy. He soon settled down and resumed ripping Muttley's head off.

Spent some time watching a hare in the field opposite, each time I see one I'm freshly amazed at the size of the things.

I have never, ever seen so many boats in one day as I've seen today, not even on the Llangollen in the school holidays, unbelievable. I guess some of the congestion will ease when the tunnel re-opens.

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