Monday, 8 March 2010

One of the many things I love about boating.... that days rarely turn out as you expect.

Nipped round to NB Old Bovine to have a quick look at the new boatman's cabin style table in the galley. Absolutely lovely as is the whole boat; my 'quick' look turned into a good hour or so. Whilst we were nattering, fellow bloggers NB Ubique came past but I didn't have my camera to hand.
Daisy was intent on aerial acrobatics in the sun.
I was quietly relieved to see her return to earth as she's not very good at coming down again!
Before crashing out exhausted.
Then we had a phone call from Linda & David from NB Critical Point, their boat is out of the water being stretched at the moment (it's the in thing round here you know) and they were suffering boat withdrawals, so they drove for 2 hours to come and see us and the newly elongated Caxton. We were quite a long way from the nearest road, but I walked down to meet them and G saw them safely back in the dark.

After lunch today we moved both boats up towards a road as Lesley will be returning tomorrow with ballast for Caxton's nose.


  1. Aw..... Daisy is gorgeous! We'll be bringing our little 9 month old kitty with us for the first time for a week on our o/s nb on 19th. Any tips on keeping her alive!

  2. Sorry to say not really! Although we do put sisal fenders down front and back, when we moor, that just touch the waterline - this gives her something to scramble up when she falls in. I've seen others stake mats/carpet from the bank into the water. You will definitely need a good supply of valium - if you only have a week I'd take the cowardly option and keep her in.

  3. Think we'll be cowards then! She is being spayed next Mon so perhaps teaching her to take us out with her harness once we moor for the evening will be best! Thanks for the tips tho!

    We love reading your blog (& others) & hope to make ourselves known to you if we meet. We always bring an acoustic guitar as we are always on the lookout for an evening of live music!

  4. Hi Wendy, a wise decision, you will be more able to enjoy your time aboard rather than worrying about puds. What is the Name of your O/S boat? we will keep an eye out for you.