Saturday, 15 August 2009

We've got us a convoy!

We moved on to the bottom of Bosley Locks in horrid weather - drizzle interspersed with heavy showers - and then about 8.00 the cloud cleared and out came the sun just in time to reveal this lovely view......

...just before the sun set.

We wizzed up the flight of 12 (the only ones on the Macclesfield) in short time - despite another boat getting in between us and Caxton as we pulled pins.

Lovely canal and gorgeous bridges - the bricks are spiraled.

We'd intended to go into Macclesfield but there were no moorings deep enough, so a frustrating day of trying & failing to moor, rounded off by a boat moored on the water point whilst his wife went shopping. Grrrrr!! So neither boat was able to get water. Gave up & moored by the Adelphi Mill in Bollington & the fellers caught the bus back into Macclesfield.

Lesley & I did the essential shopping at the co-op there and then took the dogs for a ramble along some of the excellent paths and past Clarence Mill.

Passed a few wrecks.

When we returned to our moorings we had new neighbours - Linda and David on NB Critical Point. After we'd moored at the end of their garden they'd driven up to their boat and come down through Manchester to join us. They didn't take much persuading to wind and come and play with us for a week or so. So now we have us a convoy!!!!!!! Brilliant

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  1. Ah, we have such nostalgic memories of Macclesfield - the canal and the town (visited several times on our share boat Dragonfly). We thought the town was interesting (there's a very good deli there, which is all that Richard remembers!). Bosley locks is one of my favourite places on the network - we must go back there one day and see if it looks as good from Indigo Dream.
    Have a good trip.
    Sue, Indigo Dream