Sunday, 9 August 2009

Look wot I got!

A new friend (Floyd from NB Caxton).........

..................and a stonking great carp. Anyone any ideas as to it's weight? Oh and it was caught using a 4 mtr whip with 3lb main to 1.1lb bottom and size 20 hook not bad for a 10 year old!

So the boys had a pretty boring day really: Little Moreton Hall in the morning; a climb up to Mow Cop in the afternoon & a spot of fishing for tiddlers before the evening BBQ.
Joking apart, D had only dangled his sweetcorn for about 2 minutes when all hell broke loose - traffic was held up in both directions of the navigation for a good 20 mins whilst the whoppa was landed - but nobody seemed to mind when they saw the end result!!!!
However, note to self : buy bottle of Tippex before small people come to visit again. Tippex out dates on consumables, i.e. 2007 on the Marmite, 2006 on the tomato ketchup, this to avoid upsetting delicate visitors.

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