Friday, 7 August 2009

0 locks, 0 miles

Lesley & I set off yesterday at 9.00 with the dogs to scout out potential moorings with car access & car parking for our respective guests due today. The whole area is lovely but we couldn't beat where we are now, so we stayed put. Leaving the guys painting, we then set out again to the local marina, the (not so local) Co-op & the pub; returning to the boats for a BBQ.
Lesley found a puffball which she cooked and we ate & the dogs played in the sun. Daisy bought a mouse to the dinner table. This is one helluva lifestyle.
Daughter & grandchildren turned up for lunch today (G made the Pizza dough, I made the topping + salad from the roof) having made good time. They then went home leaving the grandson (D) with us for a fortnight (if he can put up with us for that long).

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