Friday, 28 August 2009

New Mills - WOW!

Moved 2 miles back down the Peak Forest Canal (well we arrived in one big hurried heap to the end so we don't want to overdo it on the way back) to New Mills - sounds horrible but WOW! All this lot happens right under the centre of the town and it's a junction for a ton of national footpath trails. The new millenium walkway is a gorgeous piece of sculptural engineering - sadly, the guy responsible waskilled in the London bombings.

Flat it isn't, but this is a must - do not cruise past.

If you'd like the history, flip across to Caxton's blog as I'm still playing catch up. Dainion would have loved this; I will come back here with him.

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  1. Ha! My new home town! I have a towpath mooring here. (nb Blackbird) though you'll have moved on by now I guess. Isn't that gorge an amazing hidden surprise - I love taking the dog down there to splash about in the river.
    Happy continuation of your journey.
    - Carrie