Monday, 13 July 2009

Leaving Fradley to Weston Upon Trent & Sandon

Left Fradley at the ridiculous hour of 8.00 am Saturday, it doesn't make sense to travel weekends at this time of the year, but we'd spent three nights in a 'honey spot' area and needed to get back into the country with a tv signal for Grand Prix stuff Sat & Sunday. All grotty and drizzly, but not cold.

We stopped at Weston on Trent (Saracen's Head) for a meal to celebrate Lesley's birthday - it was OK (the meal that is - Lesley was in fine fettle well, not bad for her age).

So; Sunday am sees us moored above Sandon lock and Lesley & I walked up the single track lane to the church-not realising that there would be a veritable rush of onward Christian soldiers making a dirty dash for 11.00am bells; pinning us to the hedgerows as they passed.

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