Friday, 17 July 2009


Having moored at Barlston on Tuesday, Lesley & I gave the dogs (and our feet) a rest & caught the bus into Hanley (which we think of as Stoke-on-Trent; but it isn't - all very confusing). It has everything you need without being wildly exciting. We're definitely "up North" now. The people are much more helpful & pleasant. Prices are cheaper & the choice of fish at the fishmongers is starting to change (Silver hake - gorgeous - appears, but skate wings disappear, "no call for it"). After we'd done our best to re-inflate their economy (very efficiently in my case) we returned to walk the dogs.

Walked them all round Wedgewood Country - this is Mr Wedgewood's house, sited with amazing views across the valleys.

The inevitable estate church....

.... and estate fishing.

Thursday the fellers went into Hanley/Stoke, whilst we took 20 legs off onto Barlaston downs.

Stunning countryside & some good excercise for us up & down hills, that's the trouble with pounding the tow path, the only "hills" are the lock rises. Some of the hills on the downs required me to stop and 'admire the views' halfway up, they sort out the lungs nicely.

There were lovely clear streams for the dogs to drink from & cool off in.

From up here, we could actually see the Welsh mountains.

Graham came back from town with a new bread maker; we reckon it can make our bread whilst we're cruising & then go under the dinette now himself has finally parted with 2 tons of photo and water/boating mags.
By the time we returned from the 'Highlands' he was already trying out his new gadget. Floyd followed the enticing smells & popped in to see if there was any to spare - Daisy will give him such a belt one of these days. I know Lesley doesn't like him doing this, but he's so gorgeous & cuddly that you can't possibly get cross with him.

Focaccia with supper tonight..yummy!

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  1. Joe will eat that lot, where's the rest? A word with you Jill about the horror photo's you post!!!