Friday, 4 October 2013

No Problem's social secretary speaking

Vic and Sue have gone 'down sarf' and Sue's last two blogs have gone walk-about. I guess that's to do with server changes (get me; I don't have a clue what that means).

Out walking yesterday I met this really wicked looking ram - knock kneed, tattered eared and still happy to stomp his feet to protect his ladies as we walked past! A ram with attitude. He's so ugly that he's gorgeous

This is his side Kick waiting to take over!
You have to admit that he is better looking


  1. Be nice to the ram - he has a bad life.
    Has no sex all year then has to 'do' the whole flock at once.
    If he fails he is gone!! Probably too tough to even make a Sunday roast.

    1. That'll explain why he's in such a sorry state then! Poor feller.

      PS It'd be nice to know who made me smile when I read your comment?