Thursday, 3 October 2013

Back in the dark and dingy hedges and ditches

Very, very, strange being back on the narrow canal that is the South Oxford - it must be two and a half years since we were on a narrow (apart from the short link up the Rothersthorpe flight from The Nene to the Grand Union).
 Some bright spark decided it would be a good idea to have a ladies day on MR. I'm telling you, the link from Dukes Cut (Thames to the S.Oxford) isn't bloody navigable - it's kayak country in a 66ft narra!!

I was absolutely shattered from the sheer concentration after the first couple of hours and chucked the tiller at Sue so as I could walk my dogs - it's what I do on canals - for the last two locks and lift bridge. Those bends; you'll never get bingo wings! Baxter quickly assumed his old locking position
 The fellers pulling up behind us outside the Jolly Boatmen at Thrupp
 G having enjoyed helming NP for a change
 they were a bit behind us as they'd stopped to harvest some excellent wood
 Talking of wood ......
 We moved up to Shipton on Cherwell this morning after a visit from a fuel specialist engineer - G will do that technical blog later. We met up with Bones and Maffi last night - the latter was just leaving the lift bridge to set off on his winter travels as we approached it this morning
 that's a wicked turn after the bridge; but with Maffi having left at least that first boat wasn't breasted up and that gives you another 7ft.
 Here come Sue and Sir on NP

 Sue cracked it in one as well
 Moored in one of our favourite places, Daisy glares at Meg and poses for a nice pic
 and Sue and I and the dogs trundled off around the village in a vain search for apples


  1. Well done for navigating Maffi Bridge without incident :)
    I too would have waited for himself to depart Thrupp before attempting it though! LOL

    How much of that wood was left in the yard after Vic saw it??

    1. The timing at Maffi Bridge was purely co-incidental! I'm surprised Maffi even left this morning after he and G hung one on the night before (us other three goody goodies were long since in bed!).

      So far they've managed to keep Vic and I out of that woodpile - but they can't watch us forever!!