Friday, 11 October 2013

No-one was up to much today

We'd never parked at Osney before and I had anticipated a noisy night (adjacent pub) and a noisy morning (brick and mortar neighbours leaving for work in the early hours). In fact there was not a sound and (for once) I had a pretty good night's sleep.I didn't crawl out of my pit until 9.00am.
G has sinusitis, Sue has a rotten cold (Vic is fine) and the wind was still blowing a hooley so, when I walked the dogs this morning, I dropped off a fiver for each of the boats with the lock keeper to stay another night.

We trundled into Oxford at mid-day.
 Passed the old prison (where I used to play guitar with a choir to entertain the prisoners as an 18 year old - ahhhhh) and County Hall. It's now all been developed into a tourist attraction with loads of eateries.
 and we then introduced the No Problems to the Turf Tavern for lunch
 by the Rialto Bridge
 you have to know where it is as it's hidden away down a discreet alleyway - one of many pubs that were heavily featured in Morse
 We then had a date in the covered market for meat, fish and veg but, much to my horror, it's been 'ponsified' into a sort of British equivalent of Pier 39 in San Francisco! No more pheasants (in feather), rabbits (in fur) and hosed down broken concrete - it's all tiled floors and Radley handbag shops

 having said that, I loved the fancy cake shop!
 Such clever work in these!
 I guess we're getting close to Hallowe'en
The only person who has really suffered from a little bit of city living is Daisy. I thought she'd just stomp up and down on the roof but, each time I let her out, she did rolly pollies down the middle of the road so she's been confined to barracks: cuddles and canellini bean chasing in the shower tray. It won't hurt her until tomorrow.


  1. Bitsy says she's never played canellini beans in the shower but she does like marbles in the bathy. Is it the same?

    1. Hi Abby, tell Bitsy it's just the same - sometimes it's kidney beans though! Hope you're both well

  2. County Hall is home to Oxford Coroner's Court (right hand side of white door) and the Council Chamber (to the left). The Oxford Coroner sits on all repatriation invests from Afghanistan as the fallen soldiers are brought back to UK through nearby RAF Brize Norton.


    1. Hi Alistair, I hadn't realised that the inquests went through Oxford - it makes sense though. Heading back your way briefly.