Saturday, 4 June 2011

Visitors to Matilda Rose

We had eaten at the 2 Boats the night before, my dinner was good but as usual Jill's wasn't(They always pick on her), there was no check back by the staff once served , the plates stayed on the table too long after finishing and when cleared we were asked if all was OK(Jill's plate was still full) No was our reply, Jill's dinner was inedible, I'll tell the chef says girl. We paid and left.
My daughter and Grandchildren arrived at 'MR' mid morning and decided to Take Jill and I out to Lunch. We decided to give the Two Boats a second chance, the beer has always been good and having eaten there before with Sue and Dave off NB Beefur it was worth taking a risk, everone can have an off day.

We had a lovely lunch and retired back to the boat, where everyone had a siesta.

Karen and Andre(now 5 months old)
 Jill hadn't seen Andre since he was 2 days old, and bless with her bad back couldn't hold him as long as she wanted to.
Chenelle sat on MR

Karen and the Children headed for home at 7pm , Jill and I retired. It was really very nice to see them all, hopefully we shall see more of them now we are in their area.

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