Sunday, 5 June 2011

Muttley's blog-why is my boat full of hounds?

A very brief moan here 'cause mum says she can't get any more pictures up - we're at Fox's gate (don't know why foxes get gates when I don't - all they do is smell 'licious). My boats been invaded, Lynx turns up pulling the poorly paw routine to make sure of sympathy, Ty just paces about a bit and my mum walks him up the locks. Lou wouldn't let me on my own bed! Not that she stopped me,but she does snormous glares and I tried to be a bit smaller. Decided the only solution was to sit on aunty Sue (spent most of the day sat on aunty Sue).
 Asif that wasn't bad enough aunty Sarah  turns up with Miffy.
Those greyhounds don't half have smelly bums - my mum was gagging.

PS from mum - thank you so much for your help and Richards unrelenting lockwheeling. A very special day.


  1. I suspect that it was Miffy's bottom that was doing the evils...poor thing. Mind, her dicky tummy didn't stop her wolfing her dinner. Thanks so much for the hospitality and lovely to catch up with you BOTH - another great day in my canal annals.Not so good for Miffy's...


  2. We lay the blame on Lynx - it started before poor Miffy arrived. The dogs were all so good though. Such a shame we don't have the photos. Take care and see you soon.
    (Loving Henry H)