Saturday, 4 June 2011

Pub to Pub, Part two.

We set off from the Picnic Site opposite The Cock Horse at Rowington at 0845, 15 mins behind NB Nobody Knows who was to water at the top of The Hatton. As we pulled in behind Kevin, he introduced us to a friend of his Peter off  NB Regal, well what do you know, we had met with Peter on a couple of occasion as one does in passing. Kevin had roped Peter in to help us down the Hatton, Peter had already walked up from the Cape where NB Regal was moored.

Strapping the Two boats together in the top lock, it was decided that I would take the pair Nobody Knows Matilda Rose down the flight, Kevin was given the opportunity to share the flight but insisted I carry on. Well I have never been up or down the Hatton in under two and a half hours, we achieved it in 2hrs and 7 mins, and not in a hurry. The sun went over the Yard Arm at about 4 locks from the top so I broke out a few beers for the crew, which slowed us down somewhat.

We arrived at The Cape of Good Hope at around 1215pm moored the 2 boats and headed for the bar, several pints later it was back to the boat for lunch with a thought that we may possibly eat later in the Pub with Kevin, Jackie and Peter. Needless to say we didn't make it. Thank you guys for everthing.

We had planned to stay at the Cape for the Music Festival at the Weekend (Kevin Plays guitar and sings songs about life on The Cut), but our journey to the Welford Arm and blacking beckoned, so we pulled pins at about 9am next day and were seen through the 2 Cape locks by Peter and Kevin another ten locks later saw us moored up at the Two Boats Pub in Long Itchington.

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