Thursday, 14 October 2010


Last Friday evening saw the getting together of 4 blogging boat crews, albeit we and Caxton travel together. We that is Lesley, Jill and I had been talking about how and when we met and had it not been for blogging Friday nights meal at the Plough in Braunston probably would not have happened. We first met Pip and Roger off NB Windsong, who were in the middle of their boat build, when they came out to Foxton Locks to visit Lesley and Joe.

Pip, Lesley, Joe, Derek, Roger Graham
Now our antipodean friends were a different matter altogether, no not really we had, or at least I had been reading their blog from before we had our boat, Dot and Derek accosted us as we were leaving Rugby area on our first cruise, we were filling up with water when they pulled up behind us and offered us a cup of tea. we've been friends ever since. They had also seen our blog and had put Contented Souls and Matilda Rose together, our anonymity had been lost.

The power of blogging!

We have met other boaters on our travels but they seem to be passing acquaintances, with no means of keeping contact they fizzle out until maybe a chance meeting somewhere else. This has happened this weekend at Foxes Gate just outside Braunston where we again met up with 'The Old Bovine' Leon was hanging around for the return of his beloved Ray who was away looking after her mother. Yet another couple of hours lost.!

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