Friday, 1 October 2010

Departing Peterborough

We departed Peterborough at an unearthly hour, on a beautiful morning, Here's Caxton looking good in the mist with the rising sun, are we privileged or what?.

We have had a wonderful 3 months out here on the Great Ouse, Middle Levels and the River Nene. However, with the Winter on the way, it is time to go back to the safety of the canals especially as it's well known I only have a little one!
From sunrise to sunset the light was stunning.
Heard it all, here we are at the 1st lock leaving Peterborough, below the lock were two anglers and a cyclist, the cyclist shouted at me that I should have sounded my horn to allow the the anglers time to retrieve their lines, firstly they were fishing between the lock landing and the lock and secondly, two quite long narrowboats approaching the lock are not really missable, or are they?


  1. Have you ever seen a fisherman smile? They always look so bl**dy miserable. Some friends and I were musing on what they think about as thy sit all day on the bank staring into space - we agreed that with the expressions they carry , it could only be the prospect of returning to " 'er indoors "

  2. Hi Broadssailor,
    My sentiments too, however I have seen at least one fisherman smile at the weigh-in of a match when he knows he has won 1st prize.

    Greetings Brian and Diana,
    thank you, it was a peach of a day.