Sunday, 3 October 2010

94.3 lock miles in 3.5 days

94.3 lock miles on the way down the Nene took us the best part of a month, which is our normal pace, but 3.5 days to escape was a record for us, that's Caxton and MR, we both needed a week off to get over our exertions!

The water coming over the sluice was in almost as much of a lather as I was, trying to get off the Nene before the weather changed. 
Here is Upper Barnwell lock, the Mill restaurant on the right has two bright LED red lights underneath the board-walk, which cause confusion when approaching under the road bridge from downstream, all one can see when approaching the bridge is the right hand light on constant red.

The approach to Irthlingborough bridge from downstream, not a problem today as there was hardly any stream running, but has the reputation of being somewhat tricky.

Weed cutting combine, cuts and collects, however collection is not very efficient!


  1. Hi Ya, we too are hot footing off the Nene now,it's all getting a bit scarry. I see from your "Location Map" that your right outside a Sewage Works,-nice-, but which one? +++++ How did you get that "Google Earth" type map with M.R. on??? It's brill!!!Answers in simple form please, we're old! Thanks.

  2. Hi John and Angela,
    We are sat between Lower Weedon and Nether Heyford, just down from the Narrowboat Inn. In answer to the technical question, wellllll....ok.
    1. You need a GPS that has a .GPX file format.
    2. You need a copy of Memory Map on your computer.
    3. Then download the days route(track) from GPS to Memory Map.
    4. Save Track as GPX file to comp.
    5. Sign up to Water Explorer at
    6. Upload .GPX to Water Explorer.
    7. Go to My Links on Water Explorer and copy a link into you blog using add a gadget.
    and hey presto you location published on you blog in a usable google earth format.

    if you need any more info send me your email to