Thursday, 27 May 2010

Wadenhoe to Fotheringhay

This is the sight from our window for the next week(excluding you know who) Even at night it's stunning, what a lovely place Fotheringhay is!
I've never seen this before, Mum looking after her Cygnets, three on one trying its hardest to get in by the back door.

I hope we don't get too many more of these low bridges, or I hope we don't get too much rain.
This river has some of the most stunning scenery, here we are approaching Oundle Lock.


  1. You must make sure you go to the pub in Fotheringhay, it is meant to be fantastic (I have it on good authority).
    Re low bridges there is a particularly low one in Upwell/Outwell on the Middle Level, I strongly recommend the removal of chimneys!

  2. Thank you Emma, we have been taking advantage of the Falcon Public House for the last 10 days, although I will say that their menu although interesting is quite expensive, ie. open steak Sandwich £8.95.