Friday, 7 May 2010

Dear Lou and Blue

NB Indigo Dream
Grand Union Canal

Sorry we've only just received your letter , but our mum hasn't been near the machine for weeks - congratulations on your award; it pays to make your mum show her teeth sometimes. Our mum isn't showing her teeth with us 'cause we ended up in the slimy marsh at the bottom of Stoke Bruerne nature reserve - it wasn't our fault we was just following Floyd and sort of fell in- it was brilliant and all sort of slithery and smelt fantastic. Then I found a dead furry thing which must have been really clever of me 'cause mum and Lesley wanted it too and chased me all round the field to get it back - I was way too quick for them, but later I wished I had shared some with them 'cause I felt a bit icky - think I might have eaten too much, but it was sooo delishus ( I did let Floyd have some).

My mum's showing her teeth now-she reckons you must be just the other side of the tunnel and we might see you all this weekend (perhaps we can all hit the nature reserve!!!).

Love Muttley and woofs from Baxter

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