Saturday, 15 May 2010

Finally heading off to the Northampton Arm

A week ago yesterday we waved goodbye to Linda and David on NB Critical Point - we'd all had a great time, but they were sick of the sight of us and decided to head back home (on the Macclesfield) and return their NB to their marina (Middlewich branch of the Shroppie) before heading off up the Leeds and Liverpool later this year.
Once they'd left I picked up the 'puter and realised that Sue and Richard plus Lou & Blue on NB Indigo Dream were moored just ahead of us, so frantic 'phone calls saw us all squidged into the only dog friendly bit of The Boat Inn at Stoke Bruerne-a good time, as always, was had by all. They were heading off up the Nene for a short 9 day break, whilst us peoples of leisure were hunkering down for the weekend (3 Grand Prix addicts refusing to budge in case they lost the TV signal) before following on Monday (ish).

I spent a fair bit of Sat prepping food as the family were all coming on Sunday for a spot of fishing. The girls managed to catch some fish without a hint of a scream and Dainion kept the dogs occupied.

It's no wonder I'm struggling to keep up with the blog - my life is a social whirl. Perfick.

The first pictures I've taken of Stoke Bruerne in the sunshine!

Headed off on Monday stopping at Blisworth to raid the PO for some money.

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