Tuesday, 27 May 2008

Not Sailing Weather

Here we are in Sunny Norfolk, (NOT) We arrived last Wednesday got the Van set-up and settled down to a boozy evening with our friends, Broadsailor and his lovely wife Lesley. Woke nice and early on thursday to blue skies so off we set Broadsailor and myself to rigg "Poppy" his 28ft gaff rigged broads cruiser. all went well and spaghetti junction was avoided, all the rigging went on without a hitch.
Woke again nice and early Friday, but instead of calm blue skies we had gusting winds and were unable to put the sails on "Poppy", add the rain and that was the Bank Holiday weekend set, and typical of the weather we have come to expect when Jill and I come to Upton.
Jill, however, has had to spend her time since arriving with her Mother, who was taken ill on Holiday whilst in Bournmouth and sent home by Taxi instead of the Coach. Still, atleast she has been out of the wind and rain, most of the time.
Maybe, says the weather man, we will be able to finish rigging "Poppy" tomorrow and get some sailing in?????? or maybe I should stick to Matilda Rose.

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