Monday, 5 May 2008

difficulties of walking dogs

Ever since the floods of last May, Baxter has become more than a bit precious about sticking his feet in wet mud - jumping into the sea was fine, but wet mud not good. Clear of the need of vets today (fingers crossed), I set off from our moorings to do the first couple of locks. Baxter didn't want to know, lifted him off the boat, had a wee & shot back on. Left him to it & walked Muttley a mile or 2. Moored up at Tixall Wide (where we should have been Friday lunch time). Set off with both dogs (& cats of course) to find a couple sat having a picnic with their dog - did they need me to march through with 2 dogs & 2 cats? You can imagine the mayhem! Turned round & headed in 'tother direction to be confronted by a rather aggressive swan on the bank. Gave it up at that point.

As we pulled into Tixall Wide we spotted bloggers Eric & Elsie on Bendigedig & their mates on Shush........that whiled away a few hours! Unfortunately Baxter & Ben kicked off a fair bit of testosterone & had to be seperated, unusual for both.

Having spent so long at Penkridge, our spare days have been eaten into drastically and we are now having to travel nearly everyday to get back to Rugby and a little bit of Landlubber living albeit in a caravan but the upside will be a little bit of sailing on the Norfolk Broads in a 28ft Gaff rigged cruiser belonging to two very good friends of ours, ironically with both the same names as Jill and myself.

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  1. Sailing on the Broads - best get my finger out then! Hope you will be able to post some photos on here.