Wednesday, 14 May 2008

"Fitness Past"

Well, we spoke too soon, no sooner had the last blog been completed, Jill went down with a streaming cold, she really did not have a great day, having to do 11 locks but she was a real soldier. We decided that as we were making good time that we should divert up the Ashby for the last weekend of our inaugural cruise and suffer there in silence, well almost.
Then guess what?, I went down with the lurgy too, but mine is MAN FLU, I'm dying.
Today we cruised back into Brinklow Marina, Ouch!


  1. Don't bring that MAN FLU to Norfolk !!!!

  2. I totally agree with broadsailor...
    Norfolk (specially Great Yarmouth) most definitely does not need MAN FLU - or any other type of flu for that matter lol..!!!

    Love Di xxx

    PS for Jill: "I have your shopping here"