Friday, 8 February 2013

The wind is still following the same pattern...

... quiet fist thing and gaining momentum towards lunch time. By the time we had re-filled our (now nearly empty) water tank on Tuesday, the wind was so strong that we only just managed to get off the side. Fortunately Bottisham Lock was in our favour so we didn't have a repeat performance trying to get off of the lock landing. It was nice to see that all the sluice work there had been completed and the temporary bridge and polythene wrapping was gone.

They'd moved it all upstream a bit to the road bridge at Clayhithe where we moored - perhaps a bit of a mistake with hindsight as they continuously run a generator to operate power tools

 On our way back from a walk into Waterbeach we found this bike half hidden in the bushes (it wasn't there on the way in) so we pulled it out and padlocked it to a sign on the towpath to see if someone came looking for it as it was in pretty good condition. No one turned up so we 'phoned the Police and they came and took it away. If someone stole it, why would they then dump it? Strange
 The lovely woven willow bridge has also been completed since our last visit in November, yet it still appears to be taped off - perhaps elf and safety haven't given it the all clear yet

On a completely different subject, I had a bit of a problem with the sausage and bean supper I was making (cassoulet if you're posh) I was measuring out Canellini beans and didn't have enough so I chucked some smaller Flageolet beans in with them to soak. Then I realised that the big beans took 5 - 6 mins to cook in the pressure cooker whilst the small beans took 10 - 12 minutes; so the big beans would have been pulped and I had to separate them out again!!! It's sad really, but I didn't have enough to throw them all away and start again. I think G is in total despair of me. Why, I wonder though, do small beans take longer to cook than big beans? Why, I wonder, do I care - it really is time we got out of here; I'm losing it!

The reason I wasn't able to blog for a while is because, for the first time ever, we used up all our contracted data allowance with 3. 'We' couldn't understand how this could possibly happen until 'we' realised that 'we' had been streaming data so that 'we' could watch television in bed whilst I was reading. So that was it; no internet until the new 'month' started.


  1. Re. winds holding you on to the bank - It's a problem at times with the Nancy Oldfield boats (and others!) on the Broads. 'Springing off' is the trick we use - works every time.

    1. Hi Broads Graham, we still struggled even using the 'springing off' trick. We shouldn't have moved really but I was desperate to get to better dog walking territory

  2. Small beans give more pressure than big ones,therefore they need longer in the cooker. Simples!
    Pulped beans however, could change the wind pattern altogether.
    If you are losing it, welcome to the club.

    1. It might be simples to you John, but it's as clear as mud to me!
      Pulped beans definitely change the wind patterns on board.