Sunday, 10 February 2013

Confusing information

You may not immediately spot anything unusual about this photo of Bottisham lock but, from where we are moored, it's about 30 minutes into a one hour walk and G is with me!
Despite virtually no rain recently, there's still plenty of water hurling down through the sluices
This lovely old wooden boat, 'Jester' is moored at the Cam Conservator's depot, I wonder where her destiny now lies

With G taking a train back to Ely for physio on Friday, and the weather gorgeous, the day was all mine to set off for a bit of a marathon walk into previously unexplored territory
This big lump of 'Watership Down' gave Muttley a bit of a dilemma; not knowing which hole to stick his head down first - of course, when he did, they all legged it out of the others 
Now I had left Clayhithe, walked through Horningsea and arrived at this signpost from the right. Horningsea shows to the right (correctly) along with Fen Ditton; both being 2 miles away. If, however, you look at the left signpost ........ mmm!
 I turned right here, my destination being the village of Stow Cum Quy which, it says here, is 2 miles away - no matter how far I walked the village of Quy was always 2 miles away and (I promise) I wasn't going around in circles
In the end I was concerned about the time (and poor Baxter) and gave it up, visiting the excellent Quy Fen - more of a common really
Where we met and played with the lovely John Terry - evidently the lady could have a dog if the husband was allowed to name it! Who knows, perhaps drink had been taken.
A lot of territory still unexplored out here, but I had been walking for several hours on the often heavy going
so I crossed the Fen and headed directly for home; ignoring the signposts and relying on the GPS/memory map.
Large parts were under water but it was still possible to get round most of it 


  1. "Confusing Information" indeed, I'm suprised you knew if you were comming or going let alone if you'd got there or were on your way home. Thank God for GPS's.

  2. I take it you did get back to base O.K.- you've been very quiet for a month?
    Any news on the E.A./Sand Bar front yet, I'd have thought equipment might have been arriving by now?

    1. Hi guys, we have been quiet, quietly frogging up and down the same old stretches of river, still waiting to escape. Salters Lode has now been cleared and they are presently working on Denver lock, news is we could escape this weekend.
      Hope all is well with you two and puppy

    2. Hi Ya,
      We all good, Pup has really settled in, first walks outside on Friday. Needs to burn off some of that energy!! Hope all's well at W/E & the Nene is behaving when you get there.
      We out of here Tuesday.Hip Hip!
      Keeeeeeeeeeep Blogging.

  3. Hi Graham and Gill

    Like you we are hoping to escape across the Middle Levels over Easter.
    Our boat currently moored in Ely is going to be home to my husband's daughter and her husband for a year or so but they need the boat in Roydon so we/they have a long journey to make in two weeks! Any information or advice that you have would be very gratefully received as we have never made this trip and the "kids" are complete novices.It is very difficult to get much information out of the EA.
    Thank you Sally & John . ( NB `Net Profit )

  4. Hi Sally,
    We are moored on Willow Walk, boat name is Matilda Rose come and visit, and will give you all the nesessary information.

  5. Thank you . Will try to catch you when we are in Ely later this week.

  6. Hi again Sally, send me your email address to and I will send you my Mobile No

  7. Hi Jill and Graham,
    hoping all is well on the good ship Matilda Rose.
    any news yet on breaking out from the fens?

    1. we're hoping for next Sat afternoon but recent rainfall means the water may not drop enough to get a level tide. the following week sees the start of high tides so we won't get out then. Fingers crossed for Saturday.