Friday, 16 November 2012

To the woods

Sunday morning dawned bright and beautiful, just as forecast, and Lesley and I needed a fix of autumn colours. G emptied the car of coal and we loaded up the four dogs and headed off through Mildenhall to the woods. It would have been quite rude not to stop by at Lesley's Brother and Sister-in-laws' house so that they could come too with their black lab, Bentley. This is where Floyd and Fletcher go on their holidays; my two had never been before, but you'd never know it...relaxed or what?

After stopping to collect 5 dozen free range eggs between us from the local farm  (a snip at £7) and utterly delicious, we hit the woods - beautiful. This was what we needed.

Quite a few others had the same idea and, at one point, we had a pack of 12 dogs; not a grumble amongst them - even Baxter managed to break into a canter and the occasional game of chase me
That is actually a dog under there (not a powder puff), probably a bitch given the amount of attention she is receiving from the boys.
Feeds the soul doesn't it?
Star romp of the day was Muttley and a 6 month old Dalmatian called Archie. 
Brilliant day, we must do stuff like this more often


  1. Lou used to race in Mildenhall!!!

    Looks like a wonderful day - and so nice to see Baxter and Muttley making sure that the furniture's fit for purpose :-)

    Sue, nb Indigo Dream

  2. I didn't realise Mildenhall had a track. My 2 are always pleased to visit new people and places, but I don't think I've ever seen them THAT chilled away from home. The furniture was perfect - lovely big squashy sofas - and Muttley loved his footstool in the sun.

  3. Hey guys

    How are you all? Hope you're not too soggy with all this rain - looks as if the Nene has come up dramatically; the Thames doesn't look too clever either!

    Glad we're tucked up in the marina - we're such wimps!!!

    Sue, nb Indigo Dream

  4. Hi Sue, we're all safe and sound. We're moored just outside Cambridge and Yarwood is in Cambridge. It's all a bit dramatic, but we had plenty of warning and we opted to move out to a mooring with proper tie offs (fed up of pins coming adrift in this soggy ground), good dog walking, butcher, grocers and pub - no particular order. We'd intended to be in Ely as I have some medical stuff Tuesday/Wednesday but it now looks like a quick train trip to bring the car here. G is off to his annual RAF reunion on Friday - can you believe that it's a year since he stayed with you after the last one? I'll try and blog tomorrow

  5. Wow, you're right, it was a year ago, though 2011 seems like a bit of a distant dream now - 2012 has been so calamitous it actually feels longer than 12 months, if you see what I mean!

    Glad that you're all safe - the rivers are crazy this year.


    Sue, nb Indigo Dream

    ps. Doea Graham want to stay on the boat again? He'd be very welcome..