Friday, 2 November 2012

The sad fate of NB Gurnamore

The EA mooring can be seen in the background and G thinks he recognises it as Ditchford lock on the River Nene although we haven't found anything in the papers/internet
Presumably trying to get into the lock
When the strong flow over the weir grabbed the back end - it makes your stomach drop just to see the pictures
There surely must have been a 'strong stream' (closed to navigation) notice in force - or maybe, as is it's wont, the River Nene came up very quickly. I hope all on board were OK and I'm sure the boat can be salvaged. Horrible though - it must have been terrifying.


  1. It's been on twitter - just as your described - got the front in and the current took the back before they could tie up. Couple and two dogs got off safely but very shaken - apparently the lady of the boat says she's never getting back on it :-(

    Apparently they don't liveaboard, which is something, but doesn't it just turn your stomach to see it! @nbcapeclear

    Sue, nb Indigo Dream

  2. On Anglia News tonight at 6. The owners are claiming they signed up for strong stream alerts from environment agency and did not receive them. Was at Ditchford Lock, near Wellingorough. Looks like they may lose an insurance claim if navigating with a strong stream alert, looking at the video water is pouring over the gates at a fair rate.

  3. Our insurance isn't valid if we go on strong stream/red boards etc., which is probably a standard clause on most peoples insurance. I have to say that, looking at that water, you surely don't need a telephone call to tell you it's dangerous. Foolish they may have been, but you can't help but feel for them. G now very smug at identifying the lock correctly

  4. It's a salutory reminder that rivers and canals can be dangerous and none of us should be complacent or take unnecessary risks. Just keep safe you two, plus your furry passengers. Son, Ben also has a kayak!! xxoo

  5. Lovely to hear from you; I hope John is keeping you cuddled. Something like that does pull you up sharp - I've gone right off The Wash idea; we'll just chill out here until March.
    Now, how do I get in touch with Ben to discuss white water locations - I'm thinking somewhere warm?