Friday, 13 July 2012

Little Thetford to 5 Miles From Anywhere

We thought we'd move on to the pub moorings here as we hadn't moored here before and we didn't want    to be at Waterbeach until Friday (to retrieve Lesley on Saturday).
 We were all nicely moored up on the nice pub moorings - politely rafted up to leave room for other boaters. The weather was glorious and Daisy had a good old roll on the warm concrete trying to ignore the elephants in the corner ducks further up
 but sometimes you need to stop what you're doing and check that they're not creeping up on you
but then we thought - it being a nice day- that we might be inundated with gongoozlers and late night drinkers/gigglers, so we moored MR round the corner (better for Daisy too) and slung out a gang plank
On returning to help Joe move Yarwood I intimated to a hovering cruiser that we were moving and that they could have our slot, "what all of you?" she enquired. Bearing in mind Yarwood was the only one there, Joe and I exchanged looks and replied that we would definitely be taking both ends and the bit in between.
 A couple of pints at the pub and then G actually came with me on a rather nice walk down Reach Lode, past Upware Lock, Burwell Lode and Wicken Fen.
 These guys weren't bothered by our presence
 and I managed to slide into a deep and muddy puddle. It was nice to have some walking company (what with Lesley and her dogs being away) although it was quite a long walk and G did threaten to sit down and have a tantrum if the return footbridge couldn't be seen round the next bend! It was though so we were spared that one.
This one is a long way away from the Oxford/Stratford canals!

Then around 10pm we had a phone call from G's sister Linda - currently over from Australia - saying she'd meet us at Waterbeach at 10 in the morning with her son, daughter-in-law and new baby. Blimey! that'll be an early start then - move; clean boat; food....don't panic Mr Mainwaring!!!!!!!!!


  1. I am glad that Graham has the same views on walking that I do.

  2. Brian; why do men never believe you when you tell them that things are good for them? He has no problems if there's a Screwfix a couple of miles away