Monday, 16 July 2012

Horse blog (makes a change from dogs and boats)

As well as running an antiques outlet and antique fares (oh and a new retail furnishings shop), my sister's greatest passion is still horses - although she no longer rides, she puts a great deal of effort into breeding (horses; not herself).
She recently entered her young Appaloosa, Spot (posh name Box of Dominoes), in the 3 Counties show at Powys where he won; coloured class; young hunter class; champion in hand and supreme champion in show. How's that for a first outing? Well done Steph (me thinks I have one deservedly happy sister tonight).

 This is her latest off spring - I wonder if he'll grow up to be a champion?
Altogether now.......aaahhhh!
Lesley and I set off for a good walk with the dogs today whilst the fellers set off in search of bits of wood and wires. We set off in the, now normal, sandals and shortish trousers paddling mode. Within 10 minutes it was lashing it down - despite putting his coat on Baxter was fed up, miserable and shivering. When we arrived home two hours later I rubbed him down, put a new dry coat on him and wrapped a big bath towel around him and there he stayed for h.o.u.r.s. My poor old soldier. Lesley and I were pretty pissed off too - enough really is enough.


  1. What a magnificent Appaloosa. As a previous owner of a Hanoverian I can appreciate a good horse when I see one. Congratulate your sister for all the hard work she must have put in just to make Spot into a champion.

  2. Hello Ian and Irene, it's nice to speak to 'new' people - have you any pictures of your Hanoverian you can post or link - I have a cousin on my Dad's side who breeds Suffolk Punches. I think it's my only regret that I can't keep my horse connection as a continuous cruiser - I oh so miss my riding

  3. Beautiful horse!

    Poor Baxter - it was beyond of a miserable day today - when will it end!

    Sue, nb Indigo Dream

  4. Spot is gorgeous and now ready to be broken - such a shame Steph had to geld him. No choice in the circumstances sadly. I have to realise that I can't keep taking Baxter out for long walks and certainly not in inclement weather, but I didn't expect him to get 'old' at 9 and a bit. Hope Lou is doing OK