Friday, 15 June 2012

What shenannigans!

Since NB Yarwood and the MR crew met up with NB No problem there has been all sorts going on - now exactly what are Sue and my husband up to here in the pub? G says he had cramp; Sue says she was helping him!!!
Then, on the way back from the pub, we had another little look at the sand bank
Denver Sluice looking quite majestic in the dusk
That really is a dreadful place to leave a sand bank lying around
Then there were more curious goings on between Lesley and Vic - I think Vic is trying to "beam her up Scottie" for a bit of peace and quiet. It didn't work though - she was back again the next morning.
Here are some of the doggy pics I promised - I have had no internet access  for two days
Muttley and Baxter rumble whilst puppy Penny picks up a few tips
and tries to entice them in her direction
Floyd and Muttley are always up for a rumble
not to mention biscuits
Penny ventures in for a paddle

and we all enjoy an impromptu bbq although it wasn't very nice (the weather, not the food)

After getting cold the night before we decided to see if we could get 5 1/2 dogs 6 humans and a Daisy cat on MR for dinner - you can

By this time in the evening Penny had flaked out - at least Meg had a bit of a break - that's Meg's paw over her neck
and this splendid chap came to see what all the noise was about
Daisy has been doing quite a lot of, "razin on the flooo ban" and Penny joined in with a bit of her own "razin" in the form of a dead crow!


  1. So glad that you're having a jolly time of it - sounds like just the tonic you need!

    Please pass my regards to the gang.

    Sue, nb Indigo Dream

    1. Will do. This wind is beginning to get us all down though

  2. A great set of pictures Jill!

    I'm glad you told your readers exactly what was wrong with Graham and my reasons for giving him a good rub down in the pup!

    1. I thought I'd better give you both the benefit of the doubt as it was the first day we met - with hindsight I'm not so sure I would now!!!

  3. I have been thinking of you in your sorrow and LOVING the current posts. It sounds like you are having some fun amongst the grieving! Fantastic.

  4. Bones, sorry to be so tardy with my reply but I've only just picked up the comp tonight for the first time in a while. I'm finding it difficult at the moment - I know you understand only too well xx