Wednesday, 13 June 2012

Tideway- a very long day

We were up at 6.ooam and away before 7.oo...yuk!!! We  were to be at Salters to catch the rising level tide. We allowed plenty of time as the last time we crawled these ditches we dredged the bottom at less than 2mph. There was more water this time and we had time to give the dogs a good walk before we went and sat in the lock..and sat in the lock....and sat in the lock..

3/4 of the crews
 Yarwood in first and tied up on the far side
Yarwood entering Salters Lode
 Us in behind and the lock gates closed again, whilst we wait for the tide to give us enough water round the sand banks.

Tying up for the 1 1/2 hour wait 
and the're off, Yarwood Departing Salters Lode

All of these pictures come with a huge thank you to Sue and Vic on NB No Problem who hung around forever to take them and then Sue loaded them for me...Yes, FINALLY we meet up

Now it's MR's Turn

Yarwood Halfway up the Tideway

G posing as usual

The Turn in to Denver Lock

G was a little more wary of the size of the sandbank below the water or late as usual

Now the tricky bit

Stirring the soup to do a standing 90 right

Nearly there!

Plenty of forward reverses to swing the nose
 It really doesn't look possible does it?
the boy done good, I think my smile says it all
Two happy ladies

Simples - drama over we had tea, walked dogs and went up the pub and then back to No Problem - puppy pictures on the next head hurts for now


  1. Brilliant... all of you !!!

    1. Bless you - it was very exciting - the man was brilliant

  2. I think you took the best line, go and have a look tomorrow at low tide.

    1. I think it might be too scary. No Problem is still stuck here

  3. Jill - so good to see such a happy smile again. xxoo

    1. Thank you Angela. There are plenty of distractions at the moment which always helps