Saturday, 4 September 2010

Ely to the Crazy Otter and the Pike and Eel

We left Ely for the Crazy Otter when G returned on Sunday afternoon as the family were coming for lunch on Monday and leaving Dainion for the week prior to heading off for 11 days to Egypt so, after lunch, we headed off to the lovely GOBA moorings at the Pike & Eel so that the fellers could do some fishing
It also gave the animals a chance to run free after a weekend in the city. Daisy sorted out an intrusive dog from a neighbouring boat!
and was very pleased with her results
Muttley was just so happy to have his mate Dainion back
Sadly, our stay was blighted by the cruiser, Scotch Mist, pulling in behind us and starting to have another go before taking off again with his sidekick (who had been perfectly friendly prior to the arrival of his bad mouthing mate); they then both moored a little further along and had another go at us as we passed them when we left. Anyway, enough airtime for the bloke with a pathological hatred of narrow boaters and G has also given some of this info at the time it happened. Enough is enough and my real concern is that G will deck him and we'll be the ones in trouble - lesser men would have already done so; I am very proud of him for keeping his temper.


  1. We look forward to your visit on the 15/16th. See you soon

  2. What is the matter with the man!!! I should set Lesley on him if I were you. (if you are still travelling together) I'm sure she's more than a match for him!!
    Pip & Rog

  3. Derek & Dot, hope you are good, we'll see you soon - will sort out details nearer the time; we are "wind pinned" on the River Wissey at mo. Aiming to come through Salters Lode around 14th.
    Pip & Roger, trouble is, I don't want Lesley ending up in the nick any more than I do Graham. Caxton is abandoned whilst they are caravaning at the mo. We'll be meeting up again in Peterborough when they return - trouble is, I miss F & F so much!!!!!!!!

  4. Hey Jill, just caught up on your adventures. Sorry to hear about your problems with the cruiser - sadly we all have to get a 'dine out on it' experience under our belts. Ours was the Hinckley gipsy - it's very grim at the time but the awfulness recedes with time and each telling of the story subsequently is done with more and more relish and exaggeration! This man obviously has issues and you are doing the best thing - rising above it. I find smiling at these types while shaking your head works wonders - that really gets them going!! We've been stuck on the L&L since July - off in October though and heading south!