Sunday, 19 September 2010

Denver to Salters Lode Collywobbles

I have never been a great fan, as many people know, of taking Narrowboats onto tidal waters. I had been stressing for a couple of days about our trip from Denver sluice to Salters Lode, a trip of all of 500 yards. Paul, the Lockie at Salters, had asked that we be in his lock by 10am at the latest, as the incoming tide was due at 3 minutes past.
Departing Denver sluice

On the way to the Great Ouse in June, we had had to wait for level water and, as such, I thought we would have to do the same the other way. So we positioned ourselves at Denver at 0820am, the Lockie there told us that Paul was ready to receive us, Jill hadn't walked the dogs and didn't want to be stuck in the lock at Salters with the dogs unable to get out. Sorry dogs, the gates were opened and in we went.
Salters Lode

Out we went and a totally uneventful 10 minutes was had on the tidal Great Ouse. We entered Salters lode lock and Paul shut the gates behind us. Big thinks bubble here? We're too long for this lock, hence having to wait for level water. No problems this way, says Paul and he fills the lock and then out we go. Huh.? I still had a couple of wind down pints at the 5 Bells in Upwell.
Arriving at Salters Lode
I had stressed, unnecessarily, for 2 days. If only I had known. Now do any of you clever clogs out there know how we can be too long to fit in on the way out, but short enough to fit in on the way back????? 'cause we don't.
Looking out into Well Creek

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  1. We are probably doing the white knuckle ride up the Thames on 11th December if you want to come along ...