Tuesday, 3 November 2009

The White Lion - Disley

Jill on her wanderings with the dogs has found what has to be the most dog friendly pub in the country.

The White Lion at Disley on the Peak Forest Canal has a policy of looking after dogs 1st and humans a close 2nd. Unlike many eateries these days where dogs are not tolerated, here they are even catered for-for a small donation a meal will be supplied from the kitchens for your hairy friends so that they may eat with you.

A small donation is accepted and when he has achieved a reasonable amount the Landlord hands it over to the local dog trust. Absolutely brilliant.

Dogs are allowed anywhere in the pub where there are no carpets, they even have their own room where there is a dog bowl with fresh water, there are dog blankets available, and even tie downs for those animals which have a tendancy to wander.

Most definitely worth a visit.


  1. That sounds perfect - a great excuse for coming further north next year!
    Sue, Indigo Dream

  2. Ooh, thanks for that recommendation. I'm always looking out for dog-friendly pubs on the canal and this one is within walking distance of my mooring - hurray!
    - Carrie (nb Blackbird)

  3. Carrie its worth the walk, your dog will get treats even before you get a drink.