Monday, 16 November 2009

Collection of photos over the last two weeks

Romiley, Peak Forest.

Tree down across cut, Lesley and Joe on Caxton doing the removal for British Waterways.

Matilda Rose approaching Romiley.

Arn't they sweet? I know not!

Fletcher and Baxter chilling out in the White Lion, Disley on the supplied dog blanket.

Jill on the Millenium Bridge , New Mills.

Lesley trying to eat her picnic at Lyme Park.

Lyme Park stags probably close to rutting season!

Dove Valley, Peak District.



  1. Brilliant photos Jill, how on earth did you get Baxter and Fletcher to share a dog bed - it's amazing!
    Hope you and the crew are well.

    Sue, Indigo Dream

  2. Hi Sue, This pack of ours are now so well integrated, you would think they had spent all their time together!