Wednesday, 2 September 2009

Lyme Park House and Gardens (Back on the Macc)

Movedback on to the Macclesfield and set off over bridge 15 to actually enter the house at Lyme Park. Smashing bit of stone walling taken place here recently.

20 legs lurked whilst 4 looked round the house and then we swapped over.

This is where Darcy took his sexy dip in the lake-the stage set for Pride & Prejudice. Somehow, the en-suite bathroom rather left me disappointed.

and the orangery wasn't a patch on the one in Buxton.

The gardens were gorgeous though and the sun was actually shining.

Whilst we were looking round the house, the heavens opened and poor Lesley & Joe were out there with the dogs. Still...............there was no point in all 4 (or 8) of us getting wet!!!!

No sooner had we moored up for the day than Daisy & Muttley moved onto Caxton; fair doos, Floyd is now a regular resident; only Fletcher & Baxter remain more aloof and tend to stick to their own boats unless a specific invitation has been issued.